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Create hundreds of e-mail aliases to prevent spam
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Create e-mails on the fly

With Randomail, you can create hundreds of e-mails. Create a new alias when you sign-up on a website. There is a Google Chrome extension for that. It prevent you from identity leaks and it works perfect with Lastpass or 1Password.

Receive it on your Mailbox

When you receive a new e-mail on a Randomail alias, this e-mail is forwarded to your real mailbox (Gmail, Hotmail, etc). You can reply to e-mails using Randomail aliases.

Manage it. As you want

You can manage your own domain name to make aliases like You can use advanced filters, use PGP. You can even automatically forward it to your wife!

Randomail can help you everywhere you need it. Generate a Randomail alias everytime a merchant store asks for your e-mail address!

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The best disposable e-mail solution

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